Projects & Accomplishments

19. Aug, 2017

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Our A team qualified for the Leistungs Runde in style by winning the whole JQT.
Goooooo Wildcats !!!

19. Aug, 2017

with all our heads on and geared for success the Wildcats had the best Season ever all around !

U9 - securing 2nd place in the league

U10- accomlishing 1st place in their league ( Offner Runde B)

U12 A& B - Both U12 team securing 1st places in their leagues respectively (Offner Runde A&B)

U13 -Securing a solid 5th place in their league .



 Wildcats Family Pride! A job well done !

19. Aug, 2017

Two of our boys managed to be selected to the Hamburg 2005 Team 


We are very proud

15. Nov, 2015

Vielen Dank  HBV  Vielen Dank Alexander May